Mailing Services



Why use Universal Printing for your mailing needs?

You have more important things to worry about than compiling, stuffing, sealing and stamping bulk mailings. Let us handle it! We assure our customers the maximum postal discount by CASS certification, NCOA, removing duplicates, appending walk sequence numbers, SCF & DDU deliveries and more.

Addressing: From direct imprinting to hand affixing labels and most processes in between, our standards of quality are high.

Inserting: All of your creative ideas, all shapes and sizes! If it meets USPS requirements for mailing, we can insert it for you, whether it's a manual project or automated; no project is too large or small.



Folding: Send it to us flat, and we'll fold it. We'll use the best fold for the insertion of your project for a clean, square finish. Custom folds by hand are available upon request.

Mail-Merge: Sequence, sequence, sequence - and we name names. We can create your personalized message, print it on your letterhead for an executive look, and fold and match to a closed faced envelope for a "first class look"  all the time.

List Development Service: Universal can help you select and find (target) the right prospect for your product and assist in managing your personal database.

Handwork/Match Mailing: For jobs requiring a personal touch, our letter-shop staff will skillfully hand assemble your special project, including hand-matching personalized letters to their envelopes. From the simplest tasks to the hands-on matching of each mail piece, we are committed to quality and excellence in our service.